Property Maintenance


It is important that your home gets regular maintenance, so that any potential issues are rectified before they turn into expensive problems.

We provide a comprehensive property maintenance service to check your windows, doors and doors.

If there is anything that needs be fixed our experienced team will work swiftly to provide a solution. Our team will ensure that your home looks great and works perfectly all year round. If you are looking for a property maintenance team or door and window installers in Carlisle, contact us at All Dimensions Windows.


If you are interested in installing a flat roof, window or door in Carlisle, Cumbria or the South West of Scotland, get in touch with us at All Dimensions Windows to book a free consultation.


We let you make the right decision

We are window and door installers in Carlisle not salesman. We'll give you all the guidance and advice you need and provide you with a detailed quote. We'll let you make a decision in your own time, so you can make the right one for your property.